creative, informational & catching

Graphic Design

Graphics are like the salt in the soup. Without them, everything tastes quite bland. They can be serious or exciting to crazy, straightforward or squiggly. To put it briefly, they are fantastic and necessary to tell a story successfully. Graphic design describes the creation of visuals for all kinds of projects. Graphics are needed for websites or print ads. It can be a marketing campaign, that needs a visual asset, a formalizing layout for a print ad or a company logo (Corporate Design). The service of graphic design creates useful, meaningful and functional visuals.


clear, meaningful, recognisable

A logo is the heart of a corporate design. It should have a clear recognition value and reflect the values of a company in both shape and colour. It should be as simple as possible, easy to read and catchy. It should be easy to use both very small and really large and, in terms of format, it should be able to be reproduced on many different media.

Business stationary

business cards, stationery, envelopes etc.

Business stationery in the corporate design is simply part of a professional corporate image. At the first contact, it is standard to hand over a business card, invoices are printed on letterhead. Expressive marketing campaigns are often sent out in branded envelopes. A professional image always plays a role in the credibility of a company – especially on a B2B level and also when you want to reach and convince customers.


versatile, individual & informative

A flyer is a promotional tool that is commonly used to advertise or inform about events, products, services, or initiatives. Flyers can be distributed in public places or handed out directly to individuals. Some common flyer types are event, product, cause, and business flyers. Event flyers are used to promote concerts, festivals, parties, and other events while product flyers are designed to promote specific products or services. Cause flyers aim to bring about social or political change, while business flyers promote a special offer or business services. A well-designed flyer can be a potent marketing strategy; therefore, it is essential to invest time and effort in creating a flyer that communicates your message effectively.

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