Let's check out your website!

Website Check

A potential customer has landed on your company’s website, whether it be for a shop or restaurant. This is the crucial moment for a first impression. High-quality images, a cohesive design, and relevance to the respective company are all deciding factors on whether the user chooses to remain or leave the webpage. This decision is made subconsciously, in mere seconds. As design trends and technological advances progress, websites can quickly become outdated and fail to meet user expectations. Sometimes, websites experience a constant addition of products and services, leading to a confusing website. The sum of the edits may result in poor usability for both the customer and entrepreneur. If your website is experiencing declining performance, low engagement, or outdated aesthetics, perhaps it’s time for a relaunch.

Hey, mind if I ask you something?

  • Are you experiencing website traffic, with visitors coming to your site, but finding that very few of them are booking your services?
  • Have you been contemplating for a while now that your web presence no longer satisfies you, but you’re struggling to identify the exact reasons behind it?
  • Are you uncertain about which changes to pursue? Could it be that you need a complete website relaunch, or would making a few minor adjustments be enough?

If you answer at least one of these questions with a resounding YES then my website check will help you.

Let's check your website!

My website check includes a professional analysis of your website. You will receive a thorough review of your website, paying close attention to the following:

1) The structure of your website.
2) The impact of the design on your visitors and potential improvements.
3) Identification of any technical issues.
4) The functionality of your website on smartphones and tablets.
5) Recommendations for revising the content on your homepage and service offerings.

After we finish the review, we’ll schedule a video call where I will demonstrate the areas for improvement on your website directly. To ensure that you don’t miss any important points, I’ll provide you with a PDF summarizing my suggested enhancements.

Website check

Get your website checked!
£ 180
per website
  • design check, structure check, technical check
  • responsive check (mobile design)
  • text check
  • video-call with ability to ask questions
  • summary with suggestions for improvement
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