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Website Relaunch

A website relaunch is an opportunity to improve the user experience, update content, and implement the latest design trends. The decision to relaunch a website should be based on thorough analysis of the website’s performance, user feedback, and competitive landscape. The goals of the relaunch should be clearly defined, including improving visibility, increasing traffic and enhancing conversions. All of these should be done in a smooth transition from the old website to the new one. A well-planned and executed website relaunch can have a significant impact on the success of a business by attracting new customers, retaining existing ones, and building a strong brand image.

Why a website relaunch?

Relaunching a website can revitalize it, demonstrate commitment to quality, and create buzz among customers. It also allows for the introduction of new features or products, repositioning in a competitive market, or a refreshed look. 

Let's create your new website!

  1. We will begin with (1) a thorough analysis, (2) identify areas for improvement in the website’s structure and (3) determin which content to keep and create anew.
  2. Next, I will develop a tailored design concept, selecting colors, fonts, images, and more based on your preferences and your CD.
  3. I will handle the technical implementation of your new website, ensuring everything functions flawlessly through a final check.
  4. Going forward, you can choose to maintain your website yourself or entrust us with its upkeep.

If you are ready to start this journey, get in touch.

Website Relaunch

Get build your website anew!
£ 1800
per website
  • a well-structured website design, with development of an individualized layout
  • precisely tailored website texts to the needs of the target audience
  • optimization for mobile devices, ensuring accessibility and user-friendliness
  • all necessary plugins such as cookie consent will be implemented
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